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A Guide To Antique Jewellery

There is something very special about being gifted a piece of antique jewellery. However, no matter how it is acquired, antique jewellery needs more care and attention than a modern piece because age has made it delicate. Damaged antique jewellery is fragile and needs profession repair. Even undamaged, antique jewellery deserves a thorough clean without the chance of incurring any damage. Our website has the information you need to know about caring for a piece of antique jewellery, about recognising the need for repair and also about the right and wrong way to clean antique pieces. Using these blog posts helps ensure your antique jewellery pieces can be passed onto further generations.


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3 Tips for Designing Customised Men's Wedding Bands

A wedding band is a piece of jewellery you will wear all your life. Therefore, you should make every effort to ensure that it is the right fit. Unfortunately, this always the case, although many people spend a lot of time and thought in choosing the right engagement ring for their fiancés. However, making your wedding ring an afterthought is a mistake. You should love your wedding band as much as your fiancée loves theirs, and custom designs make it possible. Here are tips for designing the perfect custom wedding ring.

Mixed Materials

Many men's wedding bands are made from one material. Whether it is gold, silver, wood or acrylic, such wedding bands are simplistic and minimalist. Indeed, the wedding rings look great, but some customers may feel that they appear too generic. Fortunately, a jeweller can create a more customised wedding ring by using different materials. For instance, you can ask your jeweller to design a wedding ring that incorporates exotic wood and high-quality metal, such as nickel or palladium. The combination adds a unique touch to a wedding ring, which few generic designs can match.

Varied Textured Surface

Many men prefer plain wedding bands with a smooth surface. Clients that want a little bit of texture opt to add precious stones, such as diamonds, to the surface. However, such additions will increase the price of the wedding band. Luckily, you can achieve the desired texture and customisation on a wedding ring with a hammered finish, a convex edge, or multiple layers. This option typically does not cost much. Other than turning an ordinary wedding ring into a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery, texture can transform it into a remarkable and unique memento.

Patterned Underside

There are many wedding rings that feature simple writings on the underside. The writing could either be a wedding date, a quote, wedding vows or a couple's names. However, you may have decided to abstain from this trend if you want your wedding ring to stand out. Although the inside part of a ring is hidden away, merely knowing that it is different from other bands is satisfying. Engraving a pattern on the band's underside makes it unique. You can choose from various patterns, which include, but are not limited to, nature, abstract or geometric. A jeweller can help you choose the best design based on your wedding theme.

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