A Guide To Antique Jewellery

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A Guide To Antique Jewellery

There is something very special about being gifted a piece of antique jewellery. However, no matter how it is acquired, antique jewellery needs more care and attention than a modern piece because age has made it delicate. Damaged antique jewellery is fragile and needs profession repair. Even undamaged, antique jewellery deserves a thorough clean without the chance of incurring any damage. Our website has the information you need to know about caring for a piece of antique jewellery, about recognising the need for repair and also about the right and wrong way to clean antique pieces. Using these blog posts helps ensure your antique jewellery pieces can be passed onto further generations.


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Exciting Facts About Custom-Made Jewelry

Whether it is a ring, a necklace, a wristband or an anklet, jewellery is one of the most brilliant ways to display your uniqueness and individuality. Custom-made jewellery is particularly excellent in this regard because it allows you the freedom to express yourself the best way you know. Notably, custom jewellery breathes life into your creativity. However, before you place an order for custom-made jewellery, you need to familiarise yourself with a few facts. Therefore, this article highlights crucial aspects of bespoke jewellery.


One misconception about custom-made jewellery is that it is expensive. It stems from the belief that a jeweller must start from scratch when making custom jewellery. It might explain why most people prefer ready-made pieces since they can haggle. However, custom jewellery covers all price points. However, you need to work with a professional jeweller if on a tight budget because they know what to do to match your price range. For instance, a jeweller might recommend that you replace your preferred centre stone with a similar but less costly version. Moreover, a jeweller can make a piece that you can easily upgrade in the future with precious stones.

Sentimental and Special Detailing

You probably have a piece of jewellery that belonged to your mother or grandmother. Indeed, such jewellery collections have a sentimental value that you can take advantage of when looking for a custom piece. For example, if you have a diamond piece from your mother's jewellery collection, you can incorporate it into your custom design jewellery. It will add a sentimental value to your new piece, making it more special. Similarly, a jeweller can include the ash remains of a cremated loved one in your necklace as a special detail. Such special touches go a long way in making custom-made jewellery unique.

Easy Identification

Imagine wearing your necklace or ring to work only to realise you do not have it with you when leaving the office. Such incidences often cause panic, mainly if it is a unique piece because your effort to locate the piece might not be fruitful. While this is something you have to worry about with mass-produced jewellery, it is not an issue with custom pieces. The reason is that custom jewellery has unique characteristics that make it easily identifiable. For instance, your custom ring could have a unique marker such as your birth date or zodiac sign. As such, your friends could easily identify such features in case your jewellery goes missing.   

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